About Us

Native Power has the first service available to Native American tribal leaders to make renewable energy projects on tribal lands real AND ensure tribal majority ownership.

Native Americans have land with substantial renewable energy resources (wind, solar, tides, etc.), but have not been able to get development projects done without sacrificing tribal ownership. Conflicting and confusing state and federal rules have made financing difficult or impossible to obtain. There are no large-scale energy projects on tribal lands where a tribe has maintained an equity position.

Native Power knows how to get a renewable energy project done while retaining tribal majority ownership. Ownership creates revenue for tribes, promotes economic development, sustainability, and energy self-sufficiency. Projects like these can be transformational.

We work closely with tribal leaders to assess the resource, plan the development, align all state and federal agencies, and access all relevant programs. We will find a developer that shares our vision and has the financing to get the project built.

Our first project is with the Passamaquoddy Tribe of eastern Maine. We have pulled together this commercial scale wind power project, recruited a developer and created a joint venture to complete the wind farm with the Passamaquoddy as majority owner. Construction is expected to begin later this year and the wind farm will be operational in 2013.

We will continue to work with the Passamaquoddy on other projects, and with other tribes to replicate this model. The tribe need only invest its time and its land; our fees come from the developer when the project gets built. In this way, our interests are aligned with the Native Americans.